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Dr. Imershein no longer accepts patients and ceased providing medical services in Foggy Bottom on November 30, 2015.
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October 9, 2015
Dear Patients,

In December I will stop practicing gynecology at Imershein & Birnkrant, PC. For more than thirty years I have endeavored to provide dignified medical care and personalized patient education. It has been my privilege and honor. I am grateful for the opportunity.

My last day seeing patients is November 24, 2015. My longstanding partner and esteemed associate, Dr. Alan Birnkrant will be available to provide your ongoing medical care. Alan is an excellent physician, and a kind and thoughtful person. We have been practicing together for over twenty-five years. Dr. Birnkrant can be reached at our current office phone number (202-466-4800) and address (2311 M Street, NW, Suite 304, Washington, DC 20037). If a copy of your records is needed, submit the medical record release form attached with instructions.

The next few years bring exciting and frightening possibilities for women’s reproductive health. I am expanding my current family planning work at local clinics, and teaching D.C. area medical students and residents. This year I became Adjunct Professor at George Washington University’s School of Public Health, Department of Prevention and Community Health. I will continue work on the Board of NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation, and with reproductive rights coalition partners advocating for American women and families.

It has been a great privilege to earn your confidence and trust. Thank you for sharing your lives, and your stories, your joys and your worries. Thank you for entrusting me with your medical care.
I hope I have lived up to your expectations. I will miss you, and I wish you well.

Sara Imershein, MD MPH FACOG

P.S. Follow my advocacy work on my website
---soon to be updated

Click HERE for Dr Alan Birnkrant's website
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