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Dr. Imershein works actively to expand access to reproductive healthcare for all. She has submitted written and oral testimony to the D.C. Council on numerous occasions to support of or defeat proposed legislation impacting patients and physicians. Dr. Imershein addresses rallies supporting patient rights and speaks at community and professional groups - organizations, legal groups, schools, synagogues and churches to destigmatize abortion and increase access.


One behalf of American women Dr. Imershein has: 

  • Testified at the FDA in favor of the alternative emergency contraceptive, ullipristal acetate. 

  • Testified at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in support of including all contraceptive services as part of the basic, preventative healthcare package of the Affordable Care Act. 

  • Visited Capitol Hill numerous times meeting with legislators and staff, advocating for access to reproductive health, especially family planning services for all.

  • Supported legislation for women by standing with Senators and addressing a Press conference in the Capitol's LBJ Room. 

  • Addressed Richmond & Arlington rallies decrying Virginia TRAP Laws (Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers).

  • Addressed rally to support abortion access when the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Whole Women’s Health v. Herllerstat  and again on the historic decision-day, June 2016. 

  • Authored and submitted oral and written testimony at numerous D.C.Council hearings regarding reproductive health legislation.

  • For investigative reporters and media, Dr. Imershein has reviewed medical records, provided background education, explanations and resources.

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