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Berit Mila List - Things to Remember

Pain Relief Instructions:

Approx. 60-90 minutes before brit:

  • Tylenol™ Infant Oral Suspension (generic acetaminophen 160mg/5cc) 

Give 1 cc (=1 ml) using the syringe in the package, before or after feeding

1cc (or ml) = 1/5 teaspoon = 32 mg acetaminophen. Baby can be nursed anytime.

  • EMLA™ is a dermatologic, topical anesthetic cream of lidocaine used commonly for hemorrhoids, electrolysis and blood drawing. I can call your local pharmacy when we schedule Berit Mila.

Apply a generous amount of cream, approx 2-3 inches, to your son’s penis and cover loosely with a small 2-3 inch square of plastic wrap (cut from Saran Wrap™ or Cling Wrap™, for example).  Then re-diaper.  The body heat will melt the local anesthetic cream into the skin and the plastic will keep it in the right place!  Check and Reapply more cream if washed away by urine.

Alternatively, LMX 4™ is a similar dermatologic cream available without an RX and some doctor-mohels say it’s better! (all the creams say not to use under 2 years, but are safe if not spread widely on the body, but DO apply the cream generously to his penis and reapply if washed away by urine)

For the Ceremony:


Dress baby with a T-shirt or bare-legged “onesie.” Just a diaper and a sack or blanket works well.  Legs should be bare (socks ok, no pants). Be sure to put on a clean diaper before he is brought in for the service.


  • Kiddish cup and wine

  • table, sturdy with good lighting

  • 2 chairs, one for Elijah, perhaps with tallit, the other for the Sandek to sit while holding baby

  • Notes about Hebrew and English names, additional prayers or family stories 

  • Yarmulkes for those who may want

  • Candles and matches

During the Ceremony:

  • Phones turned off

  • Cameras ready


Post-op Instructions

  • Box of 2 inch gauze pads

  • Tube or pot of Vaseline™ or other plain, un-medicated, no-perfume petroleum jelly

  • Tzadakkah – it is traditional to make a donation to the needy in honor of your child.

  • Challah and food!!  Mazel Tov!!

Payment accepted via cash or check (to Sara Imershein MD PLLC)

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