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Information about Berit Mila

  • Dr. Imershein is a Mohelet Certified by the National Organization of American Mohelim

  • Dr. Imershein performs traditional Jewish Circumcision for newborn boys on Day 8. The procedure is part of the Berit Mila ceremony welcoming each Jewish boy into the Covenant God made with Abraham.

  • Brit Bat baby naming ceremony may be arranged to welcome daughters into the Covenant.

  • Reform Jewish tradition recognizes Patrilineal Descent: a child is Jewish if EITHER parent is a Jew. If the Mother is not Jewish, the family must raise their son publicly as a Jew, including Jewish commandments, Jewish education, celebrating holidays, and participating in Jewish rites, such as Bar Mitzvah.

Dr. Sara Imershien bris

Dr. Imershein offers baby Noah a pacifying syringe’s worth of sugar water when he began to fuss during the bris procedure  (Michelle Hanks/The Washington Post)

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