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Instructions for after Berit Mila

The circumcision generally heals in less than 7-14 days. It is normal for the penis to be red or purple, and swollen. There may bloody or serous (watery) drainage on the diaper, or blood clot on the penis, and occasionally white patches where it is healing.

If you notice active bleeding: Apply firm, continuous pressure with cold, wet washcloth or Vaseline coated gauze for ten minutes (by the clock). 


To prevent irritation and infection keep the area clean and moistened with Vaseline, and change the diaper frequently.  Wash hands. Change the diaper by removing the old dressing and gently wipe clean with tap water on a cotton ball or washcloth if soiled. (Do not wipe way blood clots, if present, these will fall off when healed. Do not use diaper wipes until well healed.) 

Apply a small amount of Vaseline on a 2"x2" gauze pad and cover loosely. This will prevent the diaper from sticking to the penis, protect from urine and feces, and promote healing.

Around 7-10 days when the penis is dry and healed you may him bathe normally.  


Even though circumcised, adhesions (scarring) can form between the edge of the glans (head) and the shaft of the penis if care is not taken to retract the loose skin of the shaft. This should be done gently once or twice daily, especially during the first week or two. The full lip or edge of the glans should be seen by gently pushing down. After the area is healed be sure to continue to gently wash away dirt and secretions (smegma), as part of routine bathing.


See your pediatrician within 7 days to inspect the penis and contact me if you have any questions.


Call for persistent, active bleeding; pus, foul odor, fever or increasing redness, swelling or tenderness or inability to urinate.  


Thank you for the honor of welcoming your son into

the Covenant of Abraham and the community of Jews.

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